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Slight Changes to Performance Planning

Slight Changes to Performance Planning

by Jennifer Ferris -
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Hi Coaches,

You may be on the site today and are stuck on your profile.  We added a mandatory field we need you to complete - LTCD Stage.  This is really important as many of the Coach Developers who will be evaluating your assignments etc... will be ensuring your work is age/stage appropriate.  By having you include it in your portfolio we can quickly look it up and it keeps you from having to keep telling us.

Also - we missed adding the Evaluation Component to Performance Planning.

This is a critical component to your Competition Development Certification.

You will get a Trained credit (on the locker) when you complete Unit 1-5, and will get credit for your Annual Plan Portfolio when you complete the Evaluation Components of that course.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE THE EVALUATION COMPONENTS COMPLETED BY OCTOBER 29TH.  But you should have Training Components (Units 1-5) done before Advanced Practice Planning Live session.

Sorry for the mistake - it's a pilot  smile  Have a good weekend.